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Discussing systemic change at COP27

COP27 brought together more than 44,000 participants to build partnerships between local communities, cities and civil society, showcased how they are addressing climate change.

The Israeli pavilion was built for it's first time since the international conferences on this topic began. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs promoted the construction of one of the largest pavilions at the conference and Israel was represented at the highest level by President Isaac Herzog and officials from both the public and private sectors.

Salicrop was happy to be featured a “technology boulevard,” and to be part of selected Israeli companies developing technologies that contribute to decarbonization, mitigation, and adaptation.

Fields in which Israeli climate tech already has a global impact, though, include cultured meat and alternative proteins, irrigation systems, precision agriculture, desalination, water management, sustainable transportation, and solar energy.

At the panel discussion we have present how Salicrop is supporting food producers by incresing their yield under climate stress, building community resilience, and shifting power back into the hands of those who produce the world’s food.

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