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Senegal: Salicrop and KAGOME Collaboration Increases Tomato Yield by 21%


Salicrop has partnered with KAGOME, one of the world's largest processing companies, to boost tomato yield in Senegal. Through this collaboration and the implementation of Salicrop's cutting-edge technology, significant progress has been made in sustainable food production.

This achievement not only highlights the power of collaboration but also emphasizes the positive impact it can have on economic growth and food security in the region.

Revolutionizing Tomato Yield in Senegal

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Salicrop and KAGOME have successfully increased tomato yields in Senegal by an impressive 21%. By utilizing Salicrop's advanced technology and united Genetic seed varieties, farmers in Senegal are now producing higher quality and better-tasting tomatoes. This achievement represents a remarkable milestone in sustainable agriculture, demonstrating the potential for innovative solutions to drive positive change.

Benefits for Farmers and Local Communities

KAGOME's CEO in Senegal, Mr. Kazuyoshi Morita, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and the far-reaching impact it will have on sustainable food production in the region. By enhancing agricultural practices through Salicrop's technology, this partnership aims to drive economic growth in local communities while addressing the critical need for sustainable agriculture and food security.

Addressing the Demand for Sustainable Food Production

The collaboration between KAGOME and Salicrop seeks to address the growing demand for sustainable food production in Senegal. By leveraging Salicrop's technology, farmers can increase their income through improved crop yields and gain access to significant markets. This approach ensures the long-term economic viability of agricultural practices while promoting sustainability in the region.

Proud Achievements and Vision for the Future

Salicrop's CEO, Carmit Oron, expressed pride in this accomplishment and the opportunity to collaborate with KAGOME. The mission of Salicrop is to make a meaningful impact on agriculture globally, and this partnership serves as a testament to their commitment.

As Salicrop expands we remain committed to our mission of making a meaningful impact on global agriculture through innovation and partnerships with like-minded organizations. Together, they are paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future in the agri-food industry.

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