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Case Studies


Case Studies

Conducting over 200 field trials to refine and perfect our innovative seed treatment technology. On our website, we feature a curated selection from our extensive portfolio of work. These case studies are more than just a showcase; they are a window into the diverse projects we have undertaken and the significant benefits we have delivered to our clients.

Each case study illustrates our commitment to overcoming the challenges of abiotic stress, offering insights into how our unique approach to crop resilience has empowered our clients to thrive. The successes chronicled here are not just our achievements but are a reflection of our expertise, dedication, and the collaborative spirit we share with our clients.

Discover how we're shaping the future of agriculture through these detailed narratives, and see firsthand the impact of our technology in transforming crops under challenging environmental conditions.


Alfalfa Growth under Saline Condition in Israel

Salicrop Alfalfa plot

Over three consecutive years in Israel, field trials conducted by Salicrop on Alfalfa plants have demonstrated significant benefits of the company's seed enhancement technology. Specifically, treated plants under salinity stress exhibited a 25% increase in yield and greater plant biomass compared to untreated plants. These findings underscore the efficacy of Salicrop's seed treatment in conferring salinity tolerance to Alfalfa plants, enabling them to achieve higher forage yields under adverse conditions.

Processing Tomatoes  Cultivation under heat and Salinity Stress

Salicrop Tomato planting

Salicrop's cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the production of processing tomatoes, significantly enhancing yield and quality even amid the challenges of salinity and heat stress. Our global expansion efforts include successful projects across Spain, Italy, Senegal, Turkey, Serbia, India, and other nations, where we have consistently achieved a 10-25% increase in yield under tough environmental conditions. These projects highlight our active commercial operations and strategic partnerships in Europe, India, and Africa, reflecting our strong commitment to advancing agricultural productivity worldwide. These initiatives are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Innovation Authority, underscoring the significance and impact of our work in the global agricultural sector.

Rice Field Trials in India Demonstrate Three Years of Increased Yields
in Multiple Regions

In India, many farmers face the challenge of growing rice in saline soils. Salicrop has been working to develop technologies and solutions to help these farmers improve their yields and profitability. Through extensive research and development, we have developed a range of seed enhancement technologies that have been shown to significantly improve rice growth under saline conditions.

Our solutions have been tested and validated in field trials across India. The results of a 15-24% increase in yield have been impressive.


Our work in India is just one example of our dedication to developing innovative solutions that help farmers overcome the challenges they face and improve their livelihoods.

Salicrop Rice plot
Salicrop Onion plot

Field Trials of Onions in Extreme Conditions Yield Encouraging Results

Salicrop recently conducted a field trial of enhanced onion seeds in the salty fields of southern Israel's desert region. Working in collaboration with the Yotveta Farm organization, our previous season's experiment resulted in a 17% increase in the weight of marketable onions. Encouraged by these promising results, we have expanded our trials to cover larger areas and are also testing additional varieties for their ability to thrive in salinity conditions. Stay tuned for updates from the current season's trials as we continue to push the boundaries of plant resilience and yield

SaliCrop's Breakthrough in Capsicum Cultivation

SaliCrop's advanced technology has undergone thorough testing through extensive field trials in collaboration with Green Arava Ltd, a top capsicum producer in Israel. Over a span of three years, these trials were conducted on commercial farms and at a research station in southeast Israel. The results were remarkable: SaliCrop achieved up to a 32% increase in yield across three capsicum varieties.

This technology stands out for its significant impact on crop productivity, positioning SaliCrop as an essential partner for farmers aiming to enhance their yields effectively.

Salicrop Pepper plot
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