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Case Studies


Case Studies

Since 2018, we have conducted over 100 field trials and our website showcases a small selection of our work. By exploring our case studies, you can gain insights into the projects we have undertaken and discover the benefits we have delivered to our clients. Our successes with clients are a testament to our expertise and dedication to their projects.

 Our case studies offer a glimpse into the unique crop, empowering our clients to achieve success under abiotic stress 


Alfalfa Growth under Saline Condition in Beit Shean Valley, Israel


Several field trials conducted by Salicrop on Alfalfa plants demonstrated an increase in yield and plant biomass for treated plants under salinity stress. The treated plants show a 25% increase in yield compared to untreated plants. These results suggest that the application of Salicrop's seed enhancement conferms a high level of salinity tolerance in Alfalfa plants and enables them to produce a higher forage yield. 

Processing Tomato Seed Enhancement under Salinity Stress 


Salicrop has developed technology that has been shown to improve the yield and quality of processing tomatoes under salinity and heat stress conditions.

In 2022, with support from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Innovation Authority, Salicrop conducted field trials on 25 hectares in the Beit Shean Valley in northern Israel, a region known for its combination of warm, dry climate, saline irrigation water, and salty soils. These trials demonstrated that Salicrop's seed enhancement technology improved various indices, including seed germination and emergence, seedling establishment, crop development, and yield parameters under stressful conditions.

The enhanced seeds were able to produce significant biomass, leading to improved water transpiration, increased resistance to pests and diseases, stronger detachment tissue, and ultimately average commercial yield increased by 15%.

Our successful track record has led us to commercial activities in Israel, where we have established over 300 hectares of salicrop cultivation.

This is a testament to our ability to deliver tangible results that promote sustainable agriculture and food security. Our commitment to innovation, research, and development, combined with our practical experience, has enabled us to successfully implement large-scale Salicrop cultivation projects. 

Rice Field Trials in India Demonstrate Three Years of Increased Yields
in Multiple Regions

In India, many farmers face the challenge of growing rice in saline soils. Salicrop has been working to develop technologies and solutions to help these farmers improve their yields and profitability. Through extensive research and development, we have developed a range of seed enhancement technologies that have been shown to significantly improve rice growth under saline conditions.

Our solutions have been tested and validated in field trials across India. The results of a 15-24% increase in yield have been impressive.


Our work in India is just one example of our dedication to developing innovative solutions that help farmers overcome the challenges they face and improve their livelihoods.


Field Trials of Onions in Extreme Conditions Yield Encouraging Results

Salicrop recently conducted a field trial of enhanced onion seeds in the salty fields of southern Israel's desert region. Working in collaboration with the Yotveta Farm organization, our previous season's experiment resulted in a 17% increase in the weight of marketable onions. Encouraged by these promising results, we have expanded our trials to cover larger areas and are also testing additional varieties for their ability to thrive in salinity conditions. Stay tuned for updates from the current season's trials as we continue to push the boundaries of plant resilience and yield

Pearl Millet Trails in Collaboration with Rallis in India


Salicrop has been collaborating with Rallis, a leading agricultural company in India, to conduct field trials on pearl millet. Pearl millet is an important crop in India, but it is often grown in areas with poor soil quality and limited access to water. Salicrop and Rallis have been working together to develop solutions to improve pearl millet yields under these challenging conditions.

Through these field trials, Salicrop has been testing a range of seed enhancement technologies 

The trials have been conducted in several locations across India, including in areas with high salinity and water stress. 

Our motivation is to develop innovative solutions to help farmers in India and beyond improve their yields and profitability, while also promoting sustainable agriculture and food security.

Successful Field Trials with Bell Peppers Result in Improved Yield

SaliCrop's innovative technology has been rigorously tested in extended field trials conducted in partnership with Green Arava Ltd, one of Israel's leading capsicum growers. In these trials, which took place over the course of three years on both commercial farms and in a research station located in southeast Israel, SaliCrop was able to achieve an impressive increase in yield of up to 32% across three different capsicum varieties.

SaliCrop's technology is proven to be highly effective at increasing crop productivity, making it a valuable asset for any farmer.

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