Overcoming the Salinity Barrier

Treated seeds have over  30% higher yield

Overcoming the salinity barrier

Award-winning technology

1st prize winner of the India-Israel SOCH competition.

Safe to use by USA FDA GRAS regulation.

Recipient of significant support research grants.

Exceeded 130% funding on ExitValley crowdfunding platform

Proven in the field

More than 35 lab tests and more than 10 field trials across Europe and Asia with multiple crops, grains and vegetables. Treated seeds tolerant to salinity have increased crop yields by more than 30%

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How it works

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Unique Seed Treatment

SaliCrop utilizes a unique wet chemistry process that stimulates an Epi-Genetic reaction to salinity conditions at seed stages. 

Non GM, anti A Biotic Stress (ABS) seeds treatments to grow well in high salinity soils or when irrigated with brackish water.

Results in the field

SaliCrop has successfully treated large fields in Israel, Spain and India.

In over 35 trials, SaliCrop has increased seed yields by 5% - 75 % 


"Salicrop's solution may be vital in allowing a vast number of farmers worldwide to continue growing crops, despite adverse conditions."



I cultivate rice in my farm, which is in a high salinity area. The avg EC during cultivation season is 6-7, rest of the year, it is a salt pan land. 
I tried out seeds with SaliCrop technology in the kharip season of 2018 on a trial plot, and observed very good plant growth with 25% yield increase. I wish to place an order for kharip season 2019. 


Harishchandra Patil

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Kfar Vitkin, Israel

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