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Boosting Plant
Resilience to Climate Change
Through Seed Enhancement


Promoting Sustainability and Shaping The Future of Agriculture

Salicrop offers an innovative solution for improving plant resilience and preventing significant losses in crop productivity caused by the rapidly changing climate. Our cutting-edge seed enhancement technology enhances plants' ability to withstand a range of stressors, including salinity, drought, temperature fluctuations, and other agronomic challenges.

Our technology has been extensively researched, and it has been shown to have a significant positive impact on plant growth, final yield, and post-harvest quality.

We believe our technology is the go-to solution for addressing the global climate challenges currently impacting plant growth and development.

The technology has the potential to transform the agricultural industry and help farmers adapt to the ever-changing environmental conditions,  dedicated to providing sustainable solutions that ensure food security and improve the livelihoods of farmers worldwide.


Our Clients

We focus on long-term partnerships


Promoting the use of Salicrop Technology can improve food security and sustainability through the diversification of crops, sustainable farming practices

Increase crop yields

Salicrop seed enhancement technology enhances plants' ability to withstand

a  range of stressors, including salinity, drought, and temperature

fluctuations, which can result in higher crop yields.

Improve crop quality

Salicrop's technology has been shown to improve post-harvest quality,

which can lead to higher prices and better market access for farmers.

Reduce input costs

Reducing input costs by increasing plants' ability to absorb nutrients 

from the soil, reducing the need for expensive fertilizers.


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Competitive Advantage

Non- GMO

Benefit for Growers

Short Time to Market

No Change in Farming Practices

Enhanced Genetic Potential

Supporting Food Security 

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