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Seed enhancement Technology Supports Climate Resilient Agriculture


Who We Are

Salicrop offers an innovative solution for plant resiliency, preventing massive losses in crop productivity in an increasingly climate-unstable world.

Our seed-enhancement technology makes plants more resilient to climate change because they are better at withstanding crisis-inducing conditions like salinity, drought, temperature fluctuations, and other agronomic stresses.

Salicrop’s results show a major POSITIVE impact on IMPROVING plant growth, final yield, and post-harvest quality, offering the go-to solution for current global climate challenges affecting plant growth and development


We are bringing innovative and collaborative seed enhancement solutions to address the global climate crisis 

Our innovative technology contributes to the development of sustainable agriculture, strengthens the resiliency of plants threatened with environmental stress conditions, and maximizes the value of the land - all contributing to fighting global food insecurity.


Help us support agricultural climate resiliency and ease some of the challenges of climate change!


Our Global Research Partnership 


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