Supporting Farmers in Maximizing Yield Potential in Abiotic Stresses Conditions.


 Salicrop’s sustainable seed enhancement technology

Award-winning technology

1st prize winner of the India-Israel SOCH competition.

Safe to use by USA FDA GRAS regulation.

Recipient of significant support research grants.

Exceeded 130% funding on ExitValley crowdfunding platform

Proven in the field

More than 35 lab tests and more than 10 field trials across Europe and Asia with multiple crops, grains and vegetables. Treated seeds tolerant to salinity have increased crop yields by more than 30%

Wet Chemistry process

Our innovative non-GMO technology enables crop seeds to withstand abiotic stresses such as salinity, heat, and drought better, resulting in better yield under these conditions. 

Versatile in Terms of Crops and Varieties

Salicrop’s sustainable seed enhancement technology is used in varieties of rice, wheat, corn, tomato, carrot, and capsicum


Transforming food systems is crucial for delivering Sustainable Development Goals.

Salicrop is pleased to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate change, arable land, and water scarcity make it exceptionally

critical to developing holistic and ambitious plans to ensure food security.


It has been estimated that more than 50% of the arable land would be salinized by the year 2050. 

FAO of the United Nations,  June 2021

Improving Yield in Environmental Stress.

Environmental stresses are among the main causes for declining crop productivity worldwide leading to billions of dollars of annual losses. 

Salicrop’s sustainable seed enhancement technology used in varieties of rice, wheat, corn, tomato, carrot, and capsicum is supporting farmers in maximizing yield potential in abiotic stresses conditions as saline soils heat, and drought.

SaliCrop has invested considerable effort and resources in a series of proof-of-concept trials and real-life field trials to verify the impact of its formulation on salinity tolerance on selected vegetable and grain crops. Those significant trials were conducted in India and Israel, in several locations, with remarkable results

Awards & Recognition

Green Fields

 Improving Global Food Security

SaliCrop is strengthening the food chain by making it possible to grow key food and fodder crops under A-biotic stress conditions.

A-Biotic Stress reduces the agricultural potential for growers by at least $100 billion per year.

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