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Rice paddy



Product Details

Rice as a crop has been reported as sensitive in the seedling and reproductive stages and has resulted in reduction of crop yield and productivity. In case of rice, salinity is found to induce both biochemical and physiological changes causing growth inhibition and yield loss. Through the application of seed enhancement techniques, resulting in a robust rice crop and a higher yield, Moreover, enhanced rice seeds demonstrate enhanced resilience against biotic stress factors as salinity, fortifying their capacity to flourish in demanding conditions. Our company specializes in delivering dependable and efficient technologies customized to enhance rice seeds of diverse varieties, guaranteeing optimal outcomes for your harvest.


  • Asia: India

Features & Advantages:

  • Yield increase under stress conditions

  • Improvement in quality indicators

  • High safety


  • Salinity 


  • Seeds Enhance

Environmentally Friendly:

  • This product is Non-GMO & microplastic free

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