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Helping seeds thrive in diverse soil conditions

SaliCrop's formulation is applied at early growth stages as a seed enhancement, stimulating a reaction that increases the plant's capability to endure salinity, heat, and drought conditions.

Salicrop's environmentally friendly solution is creating a  reaction cascade spread systemically in the plant to induce a long-term effect on the plant.

Salicrop has more than 100 tested protocols and has increased up to 30% yield in salinity conditions of tomatoes, peppers, spinach, rice, maize, and wheat



Since 2018, Salicrop has conducted Rice Paddy field trials in Indian villages within a 10 Km radius in East Godavari District in Southern India. ​

The area is known for its saline soil due to nearby fisheries and ponds.

The trial was conducted and monitored by NITSAN sustainable development lab at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and Vijayavahini Charitable Foundation, powered by Tata Trusts in India.

Trails show a clear improvement of productive tillers in the treated farms of 15%-19%, depending on the sample area.



Among abiotic stresses, salinity stress especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world is one the major threats to the sustainability of wheat production.


About 36% of the world's population is dependent on wheat as a staple food. ​Among various field crops, wheat is more sensitive to salinity.

Various climate models projected that wheat production could decrease by 6% due to stressful environments.

Salicrop conducted few successful wheat field trials in fields that faced  Salinity, heat & drought stress. Yield Increase: 5% - 15%



Corn is moderately sensitive to salinity and is considered the most salt-sensitive of the cereals.

Our Trails in Kibbutz Yotvata in the southern tip of Israel is facing extreme desert conditions with a dry, hot, and salty environment. Our field results showes:

Treated seeds at EC=5 yielded 57% more marketable corn cobs than untreated.

Treated seeds at EC=2.5 yielded 23% more marketable corn cobs than untreated


Processed Tomato

Tomato is a crop with the greatest economic importance in the world and salinity stress causes are reduction in the quantity and quality of crop production.

Salicrop's latest field trial from 2021 with Kibbutz Maoz Haim shows an increase of 60% in the yield of seeds treated with Salicrop's technology as compared to untreated seeds in a field suffering from salinity stress.

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