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Empowering Agricultural Companies to Capture New Market Share

Salicrop is not just an innovator in agricultural technology; we are a strategic enabler, helping agricultural companies capture new market share and thrive in competitive environments.

Our advanced seed enhancement solutions equip agricultural companies with the tools needed to overcome environmental challenges and seize new opportunities in the global market.

How Salicrop Enables Market Expansion:

  1. Enhanced Crop Performance:​

    • Quality Improvement: By improving the overall health and vigor of crops, Salicrop-treated seeds produce higher-quality produce, which can command premium prices and open up new market segments.

  2. Increased Yields: Our seed treatments significantly improve crop yields by enhancing plant resilience against abiotic stresses such as salinity and drought. This leads to more consistent and higher-quality harvests, allowing agricultural companies to meet and exceed market demands.

  3. Access to Challenging Environments:

    • Saline and Marginal Lands: Our technology allows crops to thrive in saline and marginal lands, areas that were previously underutilized. This opens up vast new areas for cultivation, increasing the overall arable land available to agricultural companies.

    • Climate Resilience: With climate change posing a growing threat to agriculture, our solutions provide the necessary resilience for crops to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring stable production and supply.

  4. Sustainability Credentials:

    • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Salicrop’s treatments reduce the need for chemical inputs, such as fertilizers and pesticides, promoting environmentally sustainable farming practices. This not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also appeals to environmentally conscious consumers and markets.

    • Regulatory Compliance: Our solutions help agricultural companies comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, facilitating smoother market entry and operations in regions with strict sustainability standards.

  5. Innovation and Competitive Edge:

    • Cutting-Edge Technology: By incorporating the latest advancements in seed enhancement, Salicrop provides agricultural companies with a technological edge over competitors. This innovation is crucial for capturing and retaining market share in a rapidly evolving industry.

    • R&D Collaboration: We collaborate with leading research institutions and industry experts to continuously improve our products, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most advanced and effective agricultural technologies available.

  6. Market Diversification:

    • New Crop Varieties: Our technology supports the cultivation of a broader range of crops, enabling agricultural companies to diversify their product offerings and tap into new markets.

    • Global Reach: By making previously unsuitable lands arable, Salicrop facilitates market expansion into new geographic regions, helping companies establish a global presence.



Since 2018, Salicrop has conducted Rice Paddy field trials in Indian villages within a 10 Km radius in East Godavari District in Southern India. ​

The area is known for its saline soil due to nearby fisheries and ponds.

The trial was conducted and monitored by NITSAN sustainable development lab at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and Vijayavahini Charitable Foundation, powered by Tata Trusts in India.

Trails show a clear improvement of productive tillers in the treated farms of 15%-19%, depending on the sample area.



Among abiotic stresses, salinity stress especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world is one the major threats to the sustainability of wheat production.


About 36% of the world's population is dependent on wheat as a staple food. ​Among various field crops, wheat is more sensitive to salinity.

Various climate models projected that wheat production could decrease by 6% due to stressful environments.

Salicrop conducted few successful wheat field trials in fields that faced  Salinity, heat & drought stress. Yield Increase: 5% - 15%



Salicrop recently conducted a successful demonstration on onions in Yotvata, showcasing a remarkable three-tiered increase in yields ranging from 10% to 39%. This significant improvement highlights the effectiveness of Salicrop's seed treatment technology in enhancing crop resilience and productivity under challenging conditions. The demonstration not only proves the technology's potential but also strengthens Salicrop's position as a leader in innovative agricultural solutions, capable of addressing key issues such as heat and salinity stress.



Since 2021, Salicrop's treatments have been implemented in Israeli tomato fields, resulting in an average yield increase of 10%-25%, showcasing the significant impact of the technology. With successful implementations in countries like Spain, Senegal, Ukraine, and India, these advancements have led to collaborations with major agricultural producers. This ensures that Salicrop's technology is commercially available and plays a vital role in addressing heat stress and salinity stress, significantly contributing to sustainable agriculture and food security worldwide.

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