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Salicrop Wins The Merage International DeserTech Competition for 2021

The Merage DeserTech Competition is a flagship annual event designed to accelerate innovative technologies to address global desert challenges‭. ‬Desertification is a growing phenomenon that already affects over 3‭ ‬billion people‭. ‬Desertification and climate‭ ‬adaptation solutions have a huge market potential as the world becomes more arid‭. ‬That is why this year the competition is turning international‭!‬

The competition was initiated by the Israeli institute for innovation, ‬the Netherlands Embassy in Israel‭, ‬the Whole Clean Growth Alliance and the British Council‭. ‬

Companies from the UK‭, ‬and the Netherlands joined the Israeli companies and offer their technological solutions for combating desertification and adapting to arid environments.

The companies reaching the final event were SaliCrop EZPack Water Ltd. Ecolo-GIS and ThermoTerra

It was wonderful to see so many ecosystem members attend Be'er Sheva and join this the final event of the competition addressing the four main global climate adaptation challenges that affect populations in arid climates: Extreme Climate, Extreme

Climate, Extreme, Climate and Remote & Marginal Living

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