Working for greater impact

Our sustainable seed enhancement technology is addressing SDG Goals - climate change and food security:

  • Versatile and low-cost technology.

  • Disruptive technology that increases global food production

  • Reduce the use of chemicals, water, or fertilizer resources

  • Very cost-effective solution for salinity and drought stress

Vegetable Garden


Dry Soil
8.7%of The PlanetIs is Salt-affected Soils
The annual loss in agricultural productivity caused by salinization is estimated to be of US$ 31 million

There are more than 833 million hectares of salt-affected soils around the globe Most of them can be found in naturally arid or semi-arid environments in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Black Soil

More than 50% of arable land would be salinized by 2050 due to climate change

Death Valley

Global drylands could expand by as much as 23% by the end of the century.

Harvesting Wheat