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Innovative climate-smart practice to obtain stress-tolerant seeds

Improving Crop Growth

Farmers are challenged by factors ranging from weather to envi­ronmental conditions to crop prices as they increase crop yields, in sustainable ways

Salicrop's extended Seed priming is an inexpensive, highly effective tool for improving plant abiotic stresses, ensuring uniform seed germination, rapid emergence, and improved crop growth.

At Salicrop we bring clear benefits to all stakeholders in the food chain:

For seed producer - a differentiator in a highly competitive market

For growers -a significant and measurable economic benefit through increased crop yields;

For global and regional government and NGO agencies - an extending food production to previously barren or inefficient marginal lands;

For consumers – a safe, non-GMO treatment that cost-effectively increases food availability.


Salicrop is tackling an annual loss in agricultural productivity caused by salinization which is estimated at 25 Billion USD, annually.

Stresses are incurred on plants as a result of changes in the climatic conditions of the environment, which has been concluded to be the most influencing factor affecting agricultural production.


SaliCrop is strengthening the food chain by making it possible to grow key food and fodder crops under abiotic stress conditions, drought, heat high irrigation water, or soil salinity conditions. 

Our extended seed priming supports the establishment of the crop, and confer resilience to a variety of stresses, improving plant survival in harsh environments.


Promoting seed germination and plant growth in crop production

The effects of climate change, which increase the frequency of extreme weather and plant disease outbreaks, impose additional pressure on agricultural innovation to meet the growing demand for food production.